April Club Meeting – Online

Tuesday April 14

Happy Easter to all,

As you have probably guessed, we will NOT be having an in-person meeting this month. Instead, we will hold another online session. The last one we did was a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to this one as well. This will start at 7:30p on Tuesday evening. Please be sure to bring some homebrew to share with yourself. 🙂

Question: does anyone have a Zoom account who can host the meeting? We tried Hangouts last time but switched to Zoom once we had more than 10 people. If nobody has one, we can use club funds to temporarily get an account (otherwise we have to restart the room every 40 mins).

We will also be postponing the cider competition until we can meet up IRL again. Be sure to stash a few away so they don’t accidentally get consumed before then! However, we will be having a ‘bonus’ competition, inspired by Keith Case’s idea from the last meeting….


All competitors will get five minutes to tell us a story about a beer they have brewed. This can be one that was personally meaningful, a creative brewing attempt, a recreation of a historical beer, or even a complete kitchen disaster… anything you would like to share is fair game. Afterwards, everyone will give the stories a ranking based on how much they enjoyed the story, and in the end we will virtually crown a winner.

If you’d like to play, please sign up here before the meeting starts: https://forms.gle/7wtBVauZ2cderKuV9.

One more note: Brian from the Modern Homebrew Emporium mentioned that they were looking for some part-time workers to help run the store during this crisis. If you are interested, please call the shop or contact him at btmorrison@gmail.com.

Hope to see you all online!