February Club Meeting

Tuesday February 11, 2020 7:30 PM at Modern Homebrew Emporium

Hi folks,

The big event is almost upon us! We will be focusing on that during our meeting, and we would like to hold a tasting of the beers that will be showcased. This is partially to make sure there are no bottle bombs going into the mix, but mostly will be a chance to taste and appreciate everyone’s entries from the comfort of our club room.

Please: if you are entering a beer to the showcase, bring a sample to the meeting! It doesn’t need to be a large quantity – a bottle or two will be fine for everyone to get a taste. As always, feel free to bring your other homebrews as well to share and discuss.

A few other topics we can discuss related to the event:

  • Ticket sales – we still have a lot of tickets left, so will need a big push from our members to get them all sold. Let’s discuss strategies for doing that.
  • Logistics – drop-off and set-up times, ride sharing, and other related issues.
  • Charity – we can give more details on the fundraiser status and the plan for working with Project Bread

Also, thanks to everyone who filled out the survey last week! We got some very good feedback. A few main points:

  • There was some interest in having occasional events at the Craft Beer Cellar, but for many people transportation was a concern, as it is not near any public transit options.
  • There was a LOT of interest in having educational talks during our monthly meetings. Topics could include kegging, bottle conditioning, adding fruit to beer, detecting off-flavors, and many more.

We can follow up on these points during the meeting and decide on how to implement them. I will happily take the role of Burgermeister this time and bring some charcuterie to snack on, so if you plan on coming hungry, please bring an extra bottle to share (I prefer homebrew 🙂 ).