January Club Meeting

Tuesday January 14, 2020 7:30 PM at Modern Homebrew Emporium, 2304 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

This meeting will host the ‘Holiday Beer & Winter Warmer’ competition. Anyone who would like to join is welcome! Please bring at least three 12 oz bottles (or equivalent)  of your beer to make sure there is enough for everyone to taste. We will try to start the competition around 8p, so if you want to enter, please arrive at least 10 minutes before then.
What exactly is a holiday beer, you might ask? That seems very open to interpretation! In general, they tend to be a dark, malty, and on the stronger side, often with variety of spices added. For the purposes of this competition, just ask yourself if it something you can imagine sipping by the fireplace while snow is gently falling outside the frosted windows. ⛄

We are going to employ a different scoring system to try and make the judging easier and more fun for everyone. Each beer will be served ‘blind’ without introduction or description. You can judge individually or in teams as desired, and will simply assign points to each beer on a 1-10 scale. We encourage you to give a higher score for:

  • Quality of beer
  • Adherence to theme
  • Overall enjoyment

After the score cards are turned it, we will reveal the beers and give the brewers a chance to talk about their creations. Finally, the top three beers will be announced, and brewer #1 will take home the trophy.

If you are not entering the competition, feel free to bring some homebrew to share, particularly if you’d like feedback from our talented and friendly members. Also, Keith has graciously volunteered to bring food and snacks for this meeting, so please bring a beer for the burgermeister!